Cleveland drivers rank most distracted behind the wheel, per report

New Ohio distracted driving law now in effect, fines increased

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland is the worst city when it comes to distracted drivers according to a study done by Root Insurance.

The company just released a full report with statistics to back their claims.

The numbers revealed that Cleveland had the most distracted driving events per 100 miles.

‘A distracted driving event’ was defined a s a moment when a commuter picked up their phone while driving.

Cleveland had nearly 20 incidents per 100 miles.

Here’s how the rest of the state added up:

  • Cleveland (19.8)
  • Lima (19.7)
  • Lancaster (19.0)
  • Lorain (18.4)
  • Toledo (18.1)
  • Youngstown (17.9)
  • Cincinnati (17.8)
  • Columbus (16.4)

On Oct. 29 of 2018 a new distracted driving law went into effect increasing fines to $100.

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