USPS worker charged in connection with theft of checks disputes her guilty plea

Police say video from bank shows her cashing stolen check.

USPS worker charged in connection with theft of checks disputes her guilty plea

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Trena Bentley was indicted on three charges, all involving checks that an 82-year-old Pepper Pike man ordered from his bank but never got in the mail.

Video evidence of postal worker cashing stolen checks was crucial

“What happened was one of the checks was cashed for $2,500,” according to Detective Sgt. Karl Dietz.

The information sent him to the bank where he got video of Bentley walking in, signing the check, and depositing it.

The next question was: How did she get the check?

“Well, she does work for the post office,” added Dietz.

Bentley had agreed to tell her side of the story to Cleveland 19, but only after extensive review of paperwork she says clears her.

We went to her home where we heard voices inside. After knocking on the door, the voices got very quiet.

We later talked on the phone with Bentley. She said it was her daughter we heard and not her.

She called moments after we knocked, insisting that she’d talk, but not today; only off camera for now.

We made our intentions clear, telling her, “There’s going to be a story on tonight. I’d like to include you.”

“OK, if there’s going to be a story on tonight, then you’re going to have to wait till the eighth.”

That is her sentencing date.

She was asked why she pleaded guilty if she now insists she is not.

“I didn’t plead guilty,” was her answer.

When she was told that court records say she did plead guilty, she responded, “OK, it that’s what the court records say you’re right.”

She is due in court on Monday for sentencing on her guilty plea, as it clearly states in the court record.

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