Protesters gather at Louis Stokes VA Medical Center, ask for the release of 3 beagles

Protesters gather at Louis Stokes VA Medical Center, ask for the release of 3 beagles

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Protesters have once again gathered outside the Louis Stokes VA Medical Research Center in Cleveland to call attention to the VA’s practice of using dogs in medical testing and ask for the release of three beagles they’re calling The Cleveland 3.

According to Cleveland Animal Save, three beagle puppies, no older than nine months, were delivered to the facility on April 4.

In describing the alleged testing they said, “During the course of their experimentation, these dogs will have their spines severed so that the researchers can test their cough reflexes. Shortly after the experiments are finalized, the dogs will be killed. These three dogs cost the Cleveland taxpayers $6,000.”

Doctor Joseph Krajekian, a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Cleveland, has reportedly offered to pay the facility for the dogs’ release. He cited the failure rate of experimental drugs and a lack of correlation between human reaction and animal reaction in laboratory studies.

Dr. Krajekian issued the following statement via email:

“As you know there is going to be extensive media attention covering your usage of these 3 dogs. There is no doubt that this coverage will illicit more negative attention to a known broken VA system. As such, I would like to offer a solution that will repair potential damage to your tax funded research. I am offering to adopt these 3 dogs from you, without any media attention if you so choose, along with a $6,000 donation earmarked for the direct care and rehabilitation of Veterans. My only request would be that you consider disbanding your current usage of canines in your testing methods. In doing this, the VA can open up the door to positive media coverage and help reverse the public opinion that the VA is a corrupt governmental agency that has failed veterans in the past all over our country.

This proposed solution is not mean to be a publicity stunt. My only intent is to have you reconsider the use of dogs in animal testing and offer the 3 dogs a chance at a long and healthy life. Perhaps one of these 3 dogs will one day serve a veteran as a companion or therapy animal. I ask that you consider my personal offer and “Do No Harm”. We have evolved as medical professionals and no longer need to practice archaic and barbaric testing on animals that yield no significant results.”

The VA has routinely dismissed push back from the public regarding their widespread animal experimentation, insisting their methods are ethically sound and ultimately lead to health breakthroughs for veterans.

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