Mentor, Painesville head to court over potential road closure

Mentor, Painesville head to court over potential road closure
Diamond Centre Drive on Painesville, Mentor border

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two Northeast Ohio cities are in court over the potential closure of a road that runs between the two.

Diamond Centre Drive, which sits on the border of Painesville and Mentor, has been a source of contention for about a decade, when a business set up shop in the area and promised to widen the road.

Mentor says the business never followed through with that commitment.

Drivers say the road is often congested with heavy traffic, and Mentor officials say it should not be a two-lane road.

Mentor, Painesville head to court over potential road closure

"It's difficult to get to work sometimes, it's just like inconvenient. It's hard to move sometimes, it's a busy road, and just trying to get back and forth down the road," said Nikki Webster, who works in the area.

Last week, Mentor City Council voted to shut down the road. Painesville sued, and a judge issued a 14-day injunction. Now it's up to a Lake County court to decide if the road should stay open or closed.

Mentor says the road is too congested for it to be safe for drivers and pedestrians. Painesville argues that shutting down the road is not the best way to fix that, especially because of the economic burden it places on area businesses.

Trent Whaley, who often uses the road, says he doesn't like the traffic and wants the road widened, but he doesn't agree with closing it down.

"The shutdown will just cause more issues. That wouldn't be good to just shut it down, and then, like she said, you'd have to go the long way around and it would take way longer," he said.

The judge could rule on the case this week.

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