‘It seems like a dream’: Neighbors in disbelief after elderly man dies in house fire

Euclid firefighters find man dead after house fire

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Just a little after midnight flames tore though a Euclid home.

Neighbors are still trying to absorb the sudden death of 83-year-old Tom Baker.

“It doesn’t seem real. It seems like a dream, and I’m still not awake from it," said Jill Russell.

Russell knew Baker for nearly 30 years. The two were together just yesterday.

“We deliver his newspaper for him and he left me a message to say that he was so glad that it came early,” she recalled.

Unfortunately that moment won’t be her final memory of the Euclid native.

She had to watch as firefighters pulled the senior’s lifeless body out of the building. “It was very hard seeing the fire and flames. We saw them pull him from the upper window,” cried Russell.

As the investigation continues into what sparked the fire, the entire neighborhood will do what they can to help.

Authorities are still the early stages of the investigation.

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