Northeast Ohioans who still send taxes by mail make some common mistakes on April 15

Do not expect to hand deliver your taxes at 11:59 p.m. because that doesn’t happen anymore

Northeast Ohioans who still send taxes by mail make some common mistakes on April 15
The United States Postal Service is warning of common mistakes made by people who still mail their taxes, days before deadline. (Source: U.S. Postal Service)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -There are still some who not only wait until the last minute, but also still send their federal tax returns through the mail and some of them make simple mistakes.

In order to be considered on time returns must have a postmark of April 15, which is Monday.

While fewer and fewer people file by mail anymore, the United State Postal Service (USPS) has put out tips to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Correct postage?

One stamp for one ounce.

But what is one ounce if you don’t have a scale?

You do not want to get this wrong.

“Tax agencies will not pay postage due and your short-paid return will be returned to sender, and you may miss the deadline,” a news release advised from the USPS. “Tip: 5 pages equals approximately one ounce.”

"Where is the midnight postal worker?”

In past years those who waited until the last possible minute to get that April 15 postmark could hand deliver them late at night.

That doesn’t happen anymore in Northeast Ohio.

Because of the increasing number of people filing taxes online, there is little need to keep post offices open until midnight, and have workers out front collecting returns.

“We believe our current hours can accommodate the number of people who currently rely on the Postal Service to mail their tax forms,” according to Naddia Dhalai, USPS Strategic Communication Specialist for the Northern Ohio District & Ohio Valley District.

Collection box deadlines

With postal offices not staying open late, and no one to hand it to, you better make sure you know when the last collection time is on the blue collection box.

“If depositing returns in a collection box on April 15, double-check the pick-up schedule on the label. To ensure getting the April 15th postmark, deposit returns before the last scheduled pick-up time,” the USPS warns.

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