Backyard battle over fence pits neighbors against each other in Vermilion

Reports of neighbor harassment in Vermilion

VERMILION, OH (WOIO) - A dispute over a fence has turned into a full-on backyard battle.

For the past year, next door neighbors in Vermilion have been the worst of enemies.

“We have been dealing with nothing but harassment and slander,” says Dale Pluck, who lives on Pineview Avenue.

Pluck says it started when his neighbor, Mark Williams, tore down the dividing fence in the back yard - later burning it and keeping the remains in the back of his shed.

“The boards that are behind his shed, which is my fence that he stole, is still back there," said Pluck.

The damage doesn’t stop there. Pluck operates a business alongside his partner, Wayne.

He claims his neighbor has purposely been trying to curtail business by posting negative reviews, although he’s never received any service.

"In my 20 years, this has been the worst neighbor dispute that I've ever encountered," said Vermilion Police Chief Hartung.

The police Chief says there’s a reason why charges were never filed for the fence’s burning to begin with.

“The initial issue is that he’s burning my fence and the flip side is that he was burning his own fence,” said Pluck.

The chief is hoping a resolution can be made before tensions boil even more.

"I let the fence issue go and he did get away with that, but his lies will catch up with him," said Pluck.

We went to ask the neighbor about these allegations, but no one ever came to the door.

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