Prominent attorney who struck Beachwood police cruiser, crashed car and ran on foot gets probation

Prominent attorney who struck Beachwood police cruiser, crashed car and ran on foot gets probation

BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Dashcam and bodycam video from Beachwood show the moment attorney and developer Marc Strauss rammed a police cruiser with his SUV, then took off.

Officers caught up to the hit-and-run driver, and slapped the cuffs on him.

Strauss blew by 19 News cameras without comment as he entered court on Monday.

Prosecutors told Judge Anne Keller that they didn’t want the case swept under the rug because of Strauss’s status as a lawyer.

“He is an attorney, and in this case, you know attorneys should be treated if not held to a higher standard...This is an officer of the court.” Prosecutor Nathalie Supler told Keller.

“He should not be punished because he is a lawyer, We’re not asking for any special consideration because he’s an attorney.” countered defense attorney Jay Slachet.

The crash footage tells a compelling story. Aside from the crash, there is the aftermath.

Strauss wasn’t done after crashing his car, fleeing and crashing his car again. He got out and ran down an embankment. He was captured a short time later.

“Put your hands behind your back. Palms together. Palms together. Palms together.” an officer yells after finally catching up with Strauss.

“I’m concerned that he’s a danger to himself.” Sgt. Gary Anderson told the Judge.

Luckily he wasn’t seriously injured. He gave troubling details about Strauss, including a previous OVI arrest that was pleaded down to a lesser charge. And the fact that an interlock system installed after Strauss arrests was not moved to a new vehicle he purchased for his company.

Strauss apologized and got probation and a fine.

Strauss was fined $1,250, plus court costs. Terms of his probation include a two-year license suspension with work privileges, regular AA meetings and an interlock system on his car.

If he violates that, the 87-day suspended prison term would have to be served.

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