Fairview Park Warriors move away from Native American headdress imagery on logo

The board approved a new look for the logo this week.

Fairview Park Warriors move away from Native American headdress imagery on logo
The new logo was approved by the Fairview Park City Schools board Tuesday. (Source: Fairview Park City Schools)

FAIRVIEW PARK, OH (WOIO) - Fairview Park City Schools are moving away from their former Native American logo for good.

On Tuesday night, the board voted to adopt a new logo for the school system, keeping the name “Warriors,” but opting for an image of a gladiator with a shield in place of a Native American wearing a headdress.

"In 2006, prior to my being here, they had pretty much made the decision, we're not going to do that anymore," said Principal Chris Vicha of the former logo.

However, Vicha says, the move wasn’t immediate. The school system shifted to a series of different logos, never naming a mascot. “That’s why you see the 'F’ with just a spear,” said Vicha of a previously used logo.

He says that wasn’t effective, because it left students feeling unattached from their school’s identity.

Fairview Warriors remove image of Native American from logo, replace it with gladiator

A former student and a current Fairview Park resident designed the new gladiator logo, which features bits of the previous logos within it.

Overall, students 19 News spoke to say they agree with the change.

“I think for some people, it’s been difficult, but I think with this new logo, it really gives us something to identify with,” said Emily Lutsock.

However, many Warriors alumni don't want to see the logo they know changed into something else.

“I’m a keep the chief kind-of-guy,” said Nicholas Paoleta. “I don’t like how everybody is getting rid of the chief.”

Principal Chris Vicha says he gets it.

“My message to them is that as a former Berea Brave, I completely understand that and as I worked through this process throughout the last, really, 10 years, I kept that in mind,” said Vicha.

Vicha says the school will still pay homage to the old logo in its alumni room, currently being designed as part of the campus’s remodel over the summer. Next year, the new logo will slowly be phased into different elements of the Warriors’ athletic gear, starting with the football team’s helmets this coming fall.

Some are upset with the change, some like it. What are your thoughts on the new logo for Fairview Park City Schools? http://bit.ly/2Irphls

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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