19 News puts anti-snoring smart pillow to the test

Smart Nora boasts an 85% success rate in silencing snoring.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If a $300 pillow insert could stop you from snoring, would you buy it? We put the Smart Nora, a anti-snoring smart pillow, to our unscientific test, to see if it would work for someone who suffers from “epic” snoring.

Snoring plagues millions of couples, like Andy and Jessie Ng, who live in Cleveland’s Asiatown neighborhood.

“My snoring has been a problem for as long as i can remember,” said Ng.

Andy’s snoring is affecting their relationship and his health. The couple needs to sleep in separate bedrooms in order for his wife to get any rest.

“Especially when I woke up in the middle of the night and then I need some time. Sometimes it was hard to fall back asleep,” said Jessie.

Andy suffers from high blood pressure and his doctor said snoring is contributing to the issue.

He’s tried pillows, different sleeping positions, even throat exercises. But nothing’s worked.

“I also don’t want anything that’s intrusive like you have to stick into your mouth or nose or lie strap onto your face,” he said.

We came across something that just might be what Andy’s been searching for, the “Smart Nora.”

The company provided one for us to test, see if the anti-snoring smart pillow could put a stop to Andy's signature snoring.

It works with your favorite pillow, sensing when you begin to snore. It sends a slight stimulation to your neck muscle for a minute, to disturb your snoring but not your sleeping.

As soon as Andy started snoring, the Smart Nora kicked in, lifting his head about 3 inches, and silencing him, but not for extended periods of time.

Andy adjusted the sensitivity throughout the night, trying to find the sweet spot that would stop his snoring but also stop waking him up.

More than 2 weeks later, after the company's suggested adjustment period, we checked in with Andy to see how well he's sleeping, and how much he's snoring.

He used the SnoreLab app to record and track the volume and frequency of his snoring to see if the Smart Nora helped quiet him.

“It really hasn’t. There were some ups and downs but it didn’t mitigate my snoring all that much,” he said.

He set it to the highest setting to give it the best chance, but while it was lifting his head up and down nothing was happening internally, he reported back to us.

Despite mixed results, Andy says he'll continue using the Sleep Nora, because all the reviews he read detailed successful results for most.

“I like the concept of it, design of it, the fact that it’s very unobtrusive and that it’s something you can travel with. So I was really hoping it would work,” said Andy.

We connected Andy with a “sleep coach” from Smart Nora to improve the efficacy of their product. Unfortunately, that didn’t improve the results for him.

Even though it didn’t work for Andy, the Smart Nora company boasts an 85 percent success rate.

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