Strongsville dentist’s laser treatment providing long-term snoring solution

NightLase reducing snoring by 80%, according to Dr. Chris Theodorou

Laser treatment providing long term snoring solution Night Lase reducing snoring by 80% faster than

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - After two years of conducting NightLase treatments, Doctor Chris Theodorou, of Strongsville Dental and Laser Aesthetics, said the positive results continue to roll in. The gentle laser treatment is said to reduce snoring by 80%.

“A lot of the dosages are different now. We’re able to get the dosage up higher now. Getting significant results with higher dosage,” said Dr. Theodorou.

NightLase works by tightening and toning the tissue of the soft palate, creating new collagen cells, and opening up your airway.

“Cycling, exercising, I can notice a big difference,” said patient Lisa Blatnik.

She says she is not only sleeping better, she’s breathing better immediately.

“I can actually tell right when I’m sitting in the chair,” she said.

She returned to the dentist’s office, for an annual service appointment. Dr. Theodorou says those routine service appointments are pivotal to the long term success of the treatment.

“We found through studies and research that if we get one appointment in every 6-12 months, depending on the severity of the case, we don’t relapse into never having done the laser treatment,” said Theodorou.

The initial treatment, which requires three appointments 21 days apart, and costs thousands of dollars, is still not covered by insurance. But Dr. Theodorou believes that won’t always be the case.

“I was just asked to join into a group where I can submit data, because we’re trying to accumulate data to present it to insurance companies, different doctors, who are lecturing so we can get this laser in a lot of avenues,” he said.

Now that word has gotten around, the Strongsville dentist is seeing 5-10 patients a month. They boast a 75%-80% success rate, if the patients follow the suggested timeline for the initial appointments and follow up service on time.

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