Cleveland employee worked with an active felony warrant for 4 months

A 19 News investigation uncovered a Cleveland employee was working for the city with an active felony arrest warrant.

City of Cleveland employee with warrant - clipped version

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A previous 19 News investigation uncovered convicted felons are working for the city of Cleveland -- now one of the employees had a warrant out for his arrest while he was on the job for several months.

The city launched an internal investigation after 19 News started asking questions about this employee.

Andrew Girard had a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court.

Girard was arrested last August on a burglary charge.

Parma police said Girard broke into a house he was evicted from just days before.

At the time of his arrest, records show he was working for the city as an auto repair worker.

In October of last year, a warrant was filed because he failed to appear for a court hearing in Cuyahoga County.

According to city employee and court records, he was working for the city for at least four months while he had an active warrant. He was arrested last month on the warrant and released from jail 10 days later.

Girard’s attorney declined to comment.

According to city HR policies, employees are obligated to report both criminal charges and convictions.

Girard’s personnel file does not indicate he did so.

It also doesn’t say if he was getting paid while the warrant was active.

The HR policy states :

An employee charged with a felony shall be suspended without pay pending the adjudication of the criminal charges. The Appointing Authority may within his/her discretion allow the employee to continue working in either a limited or regular capacity if the Appointing Authority determines that the charge does not effect the employee’s job duties.

City representatives said they can’t disclose any more details right now because it is an active investigation.

They also won’t say if Girard was fired.

19 News will update this story when more information is known.

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