Ohio drivers fight questionable speed camera tickets, pointing to inaccuracies

Drivers question speed camera accuracy, challenge fuzzy photos

NORTHEAST OHIO, OH (WOIO) - “Two months later we both get a citation in the mail, and we’re both like: 'What’s this all about?”

Christian Bowers recites a common complaint about speed cam tickets: the lag between violation and getting the ticket.

He was in Linndale to contest a $100 ticket.

Phil Armstrong got his ticket voided after comparing a fuzzy photo of a speeding car to a picture of his actual plate.

Armstrong lives in Howland, Ohio, and has never been to Linndale. He wrote a letter pointing out the disparity, and won the dismissal.

At some point in the process the traffic camera tickets are reviewed by an officer, in the Armstrong case by Chief Timothy Franczak.

The chief explained that his signature actually doesn’t attest to the violation, just the work of the company that processes the tickets.

“So when they say you signed off on it. No, we signed off on their work. That it was actually a vehicle, a vehicle in motion and a plate on the car...They probably looked at it and saw his plate and said: ‘Well, maybe?’ And just dismissed it,” is the way he translated how it happened.

With that resolved Armstrong was satisfied.

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