Psych patient escapes from medical van in downtown Cleveland while being transported

How did dangerous prisoner from Lakewood escape custody in the first place?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Jonathan Luton, according to a police report, caused quite a stir when he attacked a man with an axe.

Cleveland 19 got a “you’re not welcome” from a woman inside the house when we went to the home where the attack occurred.

“Just please go away,” she said.

Jonathan Luton, 35, reportedly used an ax to force his way into a home on East 70th Street. It happened April 13. Men inside were able to disarm Luton and hold him until the police arrived.

He was taken to the Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare Center in Northfield for a psych evaluation. Cleveland 19 went there to see how he escaped from one of their medical vehicles at East 30th and Chester while in transport.

“Hello. Hi. may I help you?" a voice on the other side of the intercom said.

“Yeah. I’m Harry Boomer from Channel 19 here to speak with Colletti please,” Cleveland 19 asked.

“Does he have an appointment with you?” she asked.

"He does not. One moment. Let me check,” the intercom voice said.

Instead of letting Cleveland 19 talk with someone in charge, she called security, who respectfully asked us to leave.

Back to the Luton escape. He was being was being transported from the North Coast Behavioral Facility wearing nothing but a hospital gown. His mad flight to freedom didn’t last long. He was arrested again this morning in downtown Cleveland.

Luton was originally taken into custody on April 13, and charged with aggravated burglary, felonious assault, possession of drugs and Aggravated menacing.

Luton was taken to UH for a psych evaluation. Then he ended up at the North Coast Behavioral Healthcare Center. After escaping on Wednesday, he is back in custody.

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