Ohio State Troopers move in towards gunfire and save a mans life

Troopers were executing a suspected drunk driving stop when gunfire erupted following a bar brawl in Mansfield.

Ohio State Troopers move in towards gunfire and save a mans life


Two Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers were executing a field a field sobriety test one moment and in the next running into extreme danger after gun shots were fired outside the Patio Bar and Grill in Mansfield.

Troopers David Passet and Preston Brooks reacted in seconds after they heard 3 gun shots outside of the bar, they placed the suspected drunk driver in the back of their cruiser and then went into the chaos trying to identify the shooter.

“When the shots went off I could see the muzzle flash and it was so loud and so close my first reaction was we are getting shot at,” Trooper Passet said.

Two Ohio State Troopers, Preston Brooks and David Passet were working a traffic stop in front of the Patio Bar and Grill...

Posted by Brian Duffy Cleveland 19 on Thursday, April 18, 2019

What troopers did not know was just as they were pulling over the suspected drunk driver, a brawl had broken out inside the bar, the shots were fired outside and 21 year old Tyson Gray had been shot in the head.

As the troopers waded into the crowd, trying to isolate the shooter they found Gray, face down in a pool of blood and with little regard for their own safety began CPR.

“Running into gunfire is one of the hardest things we can do especially when there’s that many people and you don’t know where the gunfire is coming from,” Passet said.

Troopers were able to get Gray breathing again before paramedics arrived and took him to a local hospital where he is listed in critical condition following surgery.

“We knew what we had to do and we helped that guy,” Trooper Brooks said, “It’s humbling to know without hesitation we jumped into that dangerous situation.”

Mansfield police are investigating and the shooter is still on the loose.

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