Cleveland police: Little Caesars robbery suspects used female employees as human shields

Cleveland police: Little Caesars robbery suspects used female employees as human shields
Cleveland police: suspects of Little Caesars robbery used female employees as human shields

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We’re learning more about the armed robbery that took place at the Little Caesars on Harvard Avenue Friday night, including the harrowing plight of the four employees inside the store at the time.

According to the police report, three male suspects entered Little Caesars at 9:49 p.m. wearing face masks and brandishing handguns. They ordered the employees—three female, one male—to open the registers and give them the money.

Surveillance footage showed two suspects rush into the kitchen portion of the store with their guns pointed at the employees, while the third suspect grabbed the male employee and pointed his fingers in the shape of the gun into his back.

The report said it’s at that point in the video when the male employee produced a firearm from the waistband of his pants and opened fire at the would-be assailants.

Police said the suspects fled to the back of the store, using the female employees as human shields and returning fire.

The male employee was reportedly struck by a bullet in his left arm.

He drove himself to Metro Hospital for treatment and told police that he was in fear for his life when he made the decision to pull his gun on the suspects, according to police.

One of the suspects, identified by police as 27-year-old Martez D. Gordon, can be seen in the video fleeing the scene with a limp and severely injured right leg and a second gunshot wound to the left leg.

He turned up later at Saint Vincent Hospital before being transferred to Metro, police said.

Cleveland police gave the following descriptions of the two suspects still on the loose:

Suspect 1: A male wearing a light gray hoodie with a blue t-shirt, dark pants, black shoes, white gloves and brandishing a dark colored handgun.

Suspect 2: A male wearing a black hoodie with white strings, gray half face mask, dark pants, black and gray shoes, white gloves and carrying a black garbage bag.

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