Northeast Ohio contractor, banned from work in Avon and Avon Lake, faces fresh wave of scrutiny from potential victims

Tom Cutura may not be the best man for the job.

Northeast Ohio contractor, banned from work in Avon and Avon Lake, faces fresh wave of scrutiny from

WELLINGTON, OH (WOIO) - Tom Cutura has used several names for his companies that do home renovations. Some are cabinet companies, and others are general contracting firms.

19 News has now learned he has also identified himself to customers using two different names.

In Wellington, Melissa Burns did her due diligence. She checked the name on the business card he gave her: Tom Suthard. No records came up under that name.

Tom Cutura, well that’s a different story. There are lots of unhappy posts from customers.

Burns has lots of reasons to be skeptical of Cutura. It began with him giving her the false name. Unfinished work that began in January is another reason for her skepticism.

“New cupboards, new floor. We would supply the trim and he would paint it, and install it,” is what she recalled of her agreement.

All these months later, the cupboards are up, but Melissa hired someone else to do it. The floor is unfinished and the trim is not installed. Base cabinets were ordered incorrectly as was what was supposed to be a square sink. When 19 News arrived she was waiting for a backsplash to be delivered. It never was.

There is another element to the story. The materials were paid for by Burns upfront, but the money never went to the supplier--raising the possibility of contractors’ liens.

Photos of the job in progress show another nightmare. Cabinet doors and even the counter top had been used as cutting surfaces. For 10 weeks there was no water in the kitchen, and then the mess that she had to endure both inside and outside of her home.

“Don’t hire him at all. Don’t let him in your house. Don’t believe anything he says. If you’re currently working with him everything he says is a lie and he plays the victim very well” she said.

Late on Monday, she fired Cutura.

He is already unlicensed in Avon and Avon Lake where he has also done work.

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