Akron pitbull attack victim prepares to face dog’s owners in court Friday

The owner has faced charges in three prior cases

Akron pitbull attack victim prepares to face dogs’ owners in court Friday

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A woman attacked by a vicious group of pitbulls will go face to face with their owner Friday.

Sarah Friddle is just one of several victims in Akron recovering from the dog bites after the March 4th incident.

Police say the dogs came from a home on Archwood Avenue.

They were running loose around the neighborhood.

They found Friddle about a half a mile away, on Reed Avenue.

“I lost a chunk of muscle out of the back of my leg and was bitten all the way down the the bone on my shin,” she said.

Friddle is a social worker.

She was headed to a home visit in the neighborhood.

She says three pitbulls attacked her when she got out of her car.

“I knew that if something didn’t happen, I would have died. There’s no way. I was literally holding on to my the side view mirror of my van just holding on for dear life,” she said.

A man jumped in to help, but he got attacked too.

Eventually the dogs ran off.

From there though, more people were attacked

Officers say the dogs bit a postal worker and another woman down the street.

“They were all within a span of 30 minutes,” Friddle said.

According to Akron court records, police knew these dogs had the potential to be vicious.

“I really feel like 100 percent of this could have been prevented,” Friddle said.

Their owner, Diane Yanke, faced charges in three other cases prior to Friddle’s.

“I believe in second chances, but second third, forth?” she said.

Now, Friddle’s still worried for people who have to live around the dogs’ home.

One barked out the window of the Archwood Avenue home while 19 News was getting video of it Thursday.

After the attack, the owners put a sign on their door warning about their are dangerous pit bulls.

It said there are two still here.

Dozens of charges later, and Yanke still owns dogs.

Friddle says, “There comes a point where an irresponsible animal owner should just not be allowed to put the community at risk.”

Friddle says animal control told her it put down the three pitbulls that attacked her.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 in the morning.

19 News will be there to see what happens.

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