Carjacking, lewd acts and a gunfight with Cleveland Police: The story behind the Otter Park shooting

5 policemen on paid leave after officer-involved shooting, suspect expected to survive

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 News has identified the man accused of going on a crime spree before being shot multiple times by Cleveland Police on Sunday.

Clifford Gillespie, of Cleveland, is accused of carjacking an 83-year-old woman and driving to a laundromat on Fleet Ave.

According to reports, Gillespie was then seen masturbating to the sight of a woman doing laundry.

When confronted, he reportedly went back to the stolen car, grabbed a gun and allegedly threatened the people who told him to stop the lewd act.

A short time later, officers noticed the stolen car and a chase ensued. The car was badly damaged in the pursuit and caught fire.

Police cornered Gillespie at Otter Park, when he reportedly pulled a gun, resulting in him being shot three times.

He’s now recovering after having emergency surgery.

Gillespie’s alleged incident at the Laundromat isn’t the first time he’s done something of that nature.

Court files show he’s a sex offender. Police actually had an open arrest warrant issued because Gillespie failed to register his address.

Some of his past convictions include criminal child enticement, disseminating material harmful to juveniles and felonious assault.

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