Dump trucks in Ohio not required to have alert system that could have prevented crash at Cleveland bridge

19 News investigates safety regulations after dump truck driver slams into Cleveland bridge

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We are digging deeper into a dump truck smashing into a pedestrian bridge yesterday in Cleveland.

That story got us thinking, how does that even happen?

Fascinating video shows a dump truck hitting the pedestrian bridge on East 49th Street and Chard Avenue.

This crash happened on Tuesday morning during rush hour. It caused two lanes on I-77 north to close for a few hours.

We’ve all heard the sound when a truck backs up, but would you believe there are no state or federal laws or ordinances mandating that a warning system must be in place to alert a driver if the bed of a dump truck is up when it’s moving forward?

That being said, many of the newer models do have warning lights in the cab to let the driver know the bed is up.

Some companies, although not required to, install a warning system as a safety precaution. While none of the personnel at the four dump truck companies we spoke with wanted to go on camera, one employee was kind enough to at least explain how a warning system works.

“I put the PTO in gear which engages the hydraulic system. Then when I raise the bed the second light comes on. When I put the bed down the light goes off. Now the hydraulic system is not engaged and that light goes off,” he said.

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