Amherst City Council candidate in the hot seat over Facebook post deemed racist by critics

Amherst City Council Candidate getting a lot of backlash for Facebook post

AMHERST, OH (WOIO) - Amherst City Council candidate David Kovacs is facing a lot of backlash for a recent post on his Facebook page. It stems from a picture from Congo that went viral, but many are questioning what Kovacs wrote as a caption.

The picture is of an anti-poaching ranger in Congo taking a selfie with two gorillas.

Kovacs posted the picture along with the words, “To all local rappers. I found your album cover.”

“There’s no racial connotation to it. I don’t think like that. I guess it’s my own ignorance that other people do,” said Kovacs.

19 News asked Kovacs, “What made you decide to post that in reference to an album cover?” He replied, “I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the memes of animals. You can just get on google, ‘animals posing’ and that pops up for album covers. So, I was familiar with all of those memes going around and the first thing when I saw this picture was, ‘Oh cool. that’s a cool pic. That would make a great album cover.’

Kovacs says the post was certainly not worth the negative publicity of being called a “Supremacist,” and some residents taking down his political sign in their yard.

There are some who don’t have an issue with the post. One voter told 19 News,“I wouldn’t construe that as racist at all, but everyone is going to have their own opinions.”

Kovacs says he learned the hard way that if he wants to be in the public eye, he’ll have to be careful about what he posts.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would do something that would be considered racist, and I apologize to anyone I hurt,” said Kovacs.

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