Recorded jailhouse phone call leads to pizza driver killer

Tyrone Leegrand convicted and sentenced for killing Michael Prock

Recorded jailhouse phone call leads to pizza driver killer

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There was little the family of Michael Prock could do but dab at tears as the sentencing of Tyrone Leegrand, described as a career criminal unfolded.

Leegrand sat with his eyes closed, there is no escaping what everyone could see.

He is cold, and in denial.

“Please accept my apologies when I’m sorry and I’m innocent and I cant accept this.” Leegrand said as he denied his guilt.

A jury didn’t buy it.

At trial phone calls of him to family members, made from the Summit County Jail, where he was locked up for another crime likely sealed his fate.

“You told her you promise not to tell anybody woo woo woo, and she said she wasn’t gonna tell nobody you going to jail because I guess the witness snitched you out.” Leegrand’s aunt told him in one call.

Police made the case that Leegrand planned the attack.

Leegrand called for a pizza delivery on Bridge Avenue.

When Prock arrived he tried to rob him, Prock realized it and sped away.

Leegrand fired wildly, shooting Prock in the back.

Crime scene photo’s showed clearly that the car’s rear window is shattered by bullets.

Clearly Prock was retreating.

“This defendant has been a danger to the community since he was 18 years old. He has committed felonious assault against a police officer, committed other offenses with firearms.” prosecutor Andy Satoli told Judge Emily Hagan.

“Cowardly, cowardly. Get a job, get a real job. I work every day and I’m only 22. It’s easy to get work out here.” Prock’s daughter said after the sentencing.

She echoed something we hear often at the Justice center.

The lure of quick cash has only one ending. Death, prison and tears.

Luckily police ears were listening.

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