Cleveland Cooks: An irresistible trio of rotisserie chicken recipes

Cleveland Cooks: An irresistible trio of rotisserie chicken recipes

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Begin with the star of the show: one delicious rotisserie chicken, cooked and quartered.

Meal 1: Simply chicken bake

· Quarter of the rotisserie chicken

· Baked potato (rubbed with cooking oil KSP)

· Broccoli and cauliflower, 2 ounches each. Cut the florets free beneath the flower canopy

1) The chicken is essentially all ready.

2) Wash potato, rub olive oil, pierce with fork in several places, coat with KSP. Bake the potato for 50-60 minutes at 425 degrees.

3) Blanch the vegetables for one minute, cool with cold water/ice bath. Toss with a little vegetable oil, KSP and turmeric. Roast in oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Meal 2: Chicken with super grains

· Quarter of the rotisserie chicken

· 2 cups Quinoa. Ratio is 1:2 (1 cup Quinoa; 2 cups water)

· Blueberries, 2 oz

· Raisons, 2 oz

· Diced onion, 2 oz


· Cayenne, TT

· Diced tomato, 2 oz

1) Chicken is ready

2) Cook 2 cups of Quinoa, cool.

3) Dice quarter of an onion.

4) Dice quarter of a tomato

5) Place Quinoa in a medium mixing bowl, add the diced tomatoes, onion, mix well.

6) Add the raisins and blueberries, seasoning, mix well.

7) Place chicken on a plate with the Quinoa

Meal 3: Chicken enchiladas

· Quarter of the rotisserie chicken, diced

· Yellow onion, ½ diced

· Zucchini, medium dice, 4 oz

· Black beans (canned or cook fresh if time), 3 oz

· Tomatoes, 1 large diced.

· Cumin, TT

· Coriander, pinch


· Turmeric, pinch

· Flour tortillas (4)

· Enchilada sauce

· Cheese if desired

1) Heat a sauté pan. Add the onions, sweat for a few minutes, and add the zucchini, sweat a few minutes, add the tomatoes, chicken and seasoning. Sauté together for 3-4 minutes.

2) Place flour tortillas on clean surface, add 4-5 oz of the enchilada mixture, wrap into tubes and place in a casserole oven pan with enchilada sauce at the bottom.

3) When you have all 4 rolled and in the plan, cover with more enchallada sauce, cheeses as desired.

4) Bake in oven for 15 minutes at 350.

5) Enjoy!

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