Shocking footage has now surfaced showing an inmate at the Cuyahoga County Jail being beaten by a guard

Prison official and guards arraigned in connection with Justice Center scandal

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The footage that shows an inmate being beaten stems from a thrown banana peel.

Reports said a thrown banana peel is what led up to an inmate being beaten by Guard at the Cuyahoga County Jail.

Video shows the inmate throwing what appears to be a banana peel in the direction of Correctional Officer John McCloud.

Another angle showed the aftermath.

The officer confronted the inmate’s and the two exchange words.

The inmate, clearly tried to walk away before he’s placed into a violent headlock.

A short time later he managed to get away before the incident escalated, seen from a different angle.

McCloud charges towards the inmate - flinging him across the floor, kneeling on the man for several minutes.

Other inmates casually walked by as if nothing’s out the ordinary.

Moment’s later McCloud’s knee is still firmly placed into the inmates chest.

He’s then dragged across the floor as he continues to fight to get up.

Officer McCloud then placed his knee on the inmates head where it remains for even longer.

In total, the bout lasts for nearly seven minutes til McCloud simply walks away.

According to reports, McCloud didn’t tell his superior about the fight til over an hour later.

He claimed he blacked out and couldn’t recall any of what happened.

Although Officer McCloud has resigned, he has not been criminally charged in this incident.

It’s unclear if he’ll be able to work anywhere else as a corrections officer.

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