President Trump tweets GM to sell Lordstown plant to electric truck manufacturer; Ohio Gov. DeWine said don’t celebrate yet

GM looks to sell its Lordstown plant to electric truck maker

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that the CEO of General Motors is planning to sell the recently shuttered assembly plant in Lordstown to a company that manufactures electric trucks.

“Great news for Ohio!,” the president declared Wednesday morning.

President Trump also claimed that Mary Barra, the head of GM, told him that the company will be investing $700 million in Ohio, at its Toledo, Parma and Moraine plants, which would create 450 new jobs.

“GM’s decision is a true testament to the Parma Metal Center’s workers, the management team and the partnership the two share. This is a major commitment that further secures the plant’s future – critical for the workers employed here and crucial for our city and Northeast Ohio. As mayor, I’m proud to serve in a General Motors town. I personally drive a GMC, and the city only buys GM vehicles. This announcement is a huge win for our city," said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

If President Trump’s claims are true, Workhorse will take over the 6.2 million-square-foot Lordstown assembly plant that closed in March. Workhorse is an Ohio-based company that manufactures electric trucks, delivery drones, and aircraft.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine addressed the president’s claims on Wednesday afternoon. He said it is still too early to celebrate.

Gov. DeWine on speaks on future of Lordstown

A potential deal is pending, and will require approval from the United Automobile Workers union.

“We don’t know what to make of it. Everybody says it seem like a good deal but to go from 14-hundred people per shift to 400-total doesn’t sound like much of a good deal. We have over 33-hundred people laid off,” said Michael Aurilio, the recording secretary for the local union.

Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman seemed to confirm the president’s tweets.

He provided a statement after speaking with Barra on the phone, saying that General Motors “would invest an additional $700 million in Ohio at its Toledo, Parma and Moraine plants.”

“I just spoke with GM CEO Mary Barra who told me GM would invest an additional $700 million in Ohio at its Toledo, Parma and Moraine plants, which would create 450 new jobs. She also told me that GM, subject to the approval of the UAW, is in negotiations to sell the Lordstown plant to the Workhorse Group to make commercial electric trucks. I also spoke with Dave Green, UAW Local 1112 president, about the news. My message to GM all along has been either to bring a new GM vehicle to the plant or to find a partner that will use this world-class facility so people can get back to work. I look forward to hearing more from Workhorse about its plans to bring jobs to Lordstown, and I’m hopeful that this news will benefit the workers there. I want to thank President Trump for his help in finding a positive solution for Lordstown. I will continue to work with GM, the UAW, and other key stakeholders on this matter in the coming weeks and months.”

Approximately 1,400 employees were working at the GM Lordstown facility when the shutdown was initially announced in November 2018.

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