Victims’ frustration boils over when court hearing delayed again for Akron woman facing 21 counts tied to dog attacks

Akron woman's dog attack trial delayed, sparking frustration among victims

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - A 58-year-old woman was scheduled to appear in Akron Municipal Court Wednesday afternoon for charges related to dog attacks on four separate people, but her hearing was delayed for the second time.

Several victims gathered in the courtroom expecting to have some closure in the case involving Diane Yanke, but their frustration with the delay in the court process was evident.

“What’s going to happen? Somebody else going to get killed because they almost killed me,” Betty Bennett exclaimed.

Akron court hearing delayed again for dog owner

Bennett says Yanke still has dogs in her possession.

According to investigators, Yanke’s dogs attacked four people outside of her East Archwood Avenue home on March 4.

The victims say their injuries were life-changing.

“I had long dreads! They took from scalp,” Bennett said.

Misdemeanor charges against Yanke include:

  • 5 counts of having a vicious dog
  • 3 counts of serious physical harm caused by a dog
  • 3 counts of having an unsecured pit bull
  • 3 counts of having an uninsured pit bull
  • 3 counts of having an unconfined pit bull
  • 3 counts of having an unvaccinated pit bull
  • 1 count of operating a kennel

Victims will now have to wait until Aug. 22 in hopes that justice is served to Yanke.

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