Cleveland Water Department corrects comical problem of hydrant blocking sidewalk

No discipline likely of inspector who OK’d work.

Cleveland Water Department corrects comical problem of hydrant blocking sidewalk

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The basic story was pretty easy to tell, yet very hard to understand. Why would a contractor put a fire hydrant in the middle of a sidewalk?

A Cleveland contractor actually thought this was a good place for a hydrant. Residents and water department officials disagreed.

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Monday, May 6, 2019

We found it, and two others, on Ohio Avenue in Cleveland.

“Maybe they thought it was dangerous having it so close to the streets, so they put in in the sidewalk. I don’t know,” was neighbor Jack Anderson’s guess at the time.

It is pretty close to right on. Turns out, that distance from traffic is the reason. The previous hydrant had been taken out by a car and had been very close to the street.

On Thursday, workers for Terrace Construction were on the scene fixing the situation, pulling the hydrant out of their excavation for a move to the edge of the sidewalk; not in the middle.

Terrace did the initial work, according to specs. That is understandable, but how did an inspector say it was OK?

A question you might ask is what happened to the water department inspector who OK’d a hydrant in the middle of a sidewalk.

We’re told discipline is to be determined. He is a relatively new employee and most likely this will be used as a “training or teachable moment.”

We learned that the initial job cost the city $4,600. Terrace has agreed to do the move with no additional cost to the city’s water department.

However, in a story that got wide-circulation across the country, it became somewhat of a new Cleveland joke.

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