Sudden Union Eye Care closure has customers scrambling for refunds and medical records; 19 Investigates what affected patients need to know

After an eye care business suddenly closes, 19 investigates what you can do to get your money and medical records.

Sudden Union Eye Care closure has customers scrambling for refunds and medical records

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -A well-known eye care business in Northeast Ohio has abruptly closed, leaving customers without warning.

Union Eye Care Inc. suddenly closed all eight locations and customers are struggling to get items they already paid for and medical records.

A woman told 19 News she paid $1,000 for her son’s glasses, but wasn’t able to pick them up.

According to The Ohio Attorney General’s Office, consumers have a few options to help them get both cash and medical records.

  • File a complaint with the AG’s office as soon as possible. This is called an Informal Dispute Resolution or IDR. You can file a complaint by clicking here.

The office can help you get refunds, products that are already paid for, and prescriptions.

In an email to employees, Union Eye Care Inc. did say they plan to file for bankruptcy.

If they do, the AG’s office is no longer able to help, stating:

"Once the bankruptcy is filed, consumers who have filed a complaint with our office will be notified and IDR will stop. Consumers can still file complaints with our office after a supplier files for bankruptcy, but we will not work to seek a resolution through IDR. Consumer complaints are important sources of information for our office and, in many ways, how we learn there is a problem that may warrant investigation.

You still have other options to get your money back:

  • Determine if you are a creditor in the bankruptcy and file a proof of claim. You can do so by clicking here.
  • Dispute any charges with your credit card company.
  • Contact the attorney listed for Union Eye Care Inc. if files for bankruptcy to get your medical records.

If you have questions about any insurance charges, you should contact your provider for help.

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