Union Eye Care abruptly shuts down, leaving scores of patients and employees behind

Union Eye Care files for bankruptcy and shuts down,leaving scores of patients and employees behind

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - A well-known eye care business in Northeast Ohio has abruptly closed, leaving customers without warning.

Toni Geib says she's been going to Union Eye Care for more than 35 years.

She was expecting to show up Thursday to pick up an order. Her friend, a long-time employee at one of the eight locations, told her don’t bother. “They didn’t even give anyone a courtesy call and say: ‘Don’t come to your appointment tomorrow,’ said Geib.

Geib showed us the email employees received. It was sent on Tuesday, May 7 at 3:15 p.m. telling employees that the “Board of Trustees made the decision that Union Eye Care Inc. will be filing for bankruptcy. We will be closing all eight stores, Our terminal optical lab and headquarters permanently effective Wednesday May 8, 2019 "

Union Eye Care has been open since 1959. They were recently doing business in North Olmsted, Akron, Brunswick, Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic, Garfield Heights, and Parma.

Geib says she can only imagine how many employees and customers are affected. “There’s gonna be a lot of disappointed clients wondering where their orders are now,” said Geib. Fortunately, Geib’s credit card company was understanding.

She charged $1,000 on her card for her son, Jack’s, glasses and more. Jack said, “I was pretty upset too because I was gonna get contacts. I’ve been waiting for those and tomorrow was supposed to be my next appointment and they closed. It’s very frustrating because I need to see.”

19 News sent an email and we called Union Eye Care looking for answers for employees and customers.

The phone just kept ringing and then a message saying, “Machine is off.”

Geib called a number of locations and got the same message. “They’ve literally shut all the machines off. You go somewhere you feel comfortable and then something like this happens,” said Geib.

Geib encourages all customers to call their credit card company if they placed an order.

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