Cleveland teacher accused of calling student the N-word during class was reassigned

CMSD teacher under review after allegedly using 'N' word in class

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - “I don’t believe this teacher should be teaching anyone, any child," said LaTorya Witcher, who is upset at one of her 14-year-old son’s teachers.

She complained to the district that she called him the N-word May 9 at Seltzer Middle School in Cleveland.

“The teacher came out of her classroom and told him to ‘Get the hell out of the hallway.’ He spoke back and said ‘This is not your hallway little girl’ and then turned around and kept walking toward the office because he said he wanted to call me,” Witcher said. She added her son, Aaron Hardy, didn’t hear her call him the N-word.

Then she proceeded to come back into the classroom and explain the difference between the two versions of the racial slur -- one ending in “er” and the other ending in “a.”

The teacher is alleging the student said the N-word to her. Witcher denies her son used the racial slur.

According to statements taken by other students, all 25 stated that this teacher called him a n----r in the hallway. Of the 25 students, eight said the student also said the N-word.

19 News is not naming the teacher because she is not charged with a crime.

In seeking comment from the school district, 19 News was provided with this one-sentence response:

“The teacher was reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation into an allegation that she used the N-word in class.”

“He wasn’t planning on waking up that morning and having his teacher call him the N-word," said Witcher.

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