Jogging strollers injuring parents, children but BOB resists recall

The front wheel of the popular jogging stroller spontaneously pops off but is not declared a defect.

Wheels on popular BOB strollers are coming off while parents are running, but no recalls issued

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Active moms like Tess Sawyer covet their pricey jogging strollers.

“My mom got it for us as a gift. She did a lot of research and talked to a lot of moms that she saw around the park. They all recommended this stroller as a great stroller,” she said.

No recalls issued for troubled jogging stroller

But soon after she took to the streets on a routine run with her infant and her BOB jogging stroller, she had what she thought was a freak accident with it.

“The last little bit I always sprint that street so I was running and all of a sudden the wheel just tumbles off. The stroller took a big dip forward,”

She is one of several parents who have had problems with the stroller. There are concerns with continuing to use it.

Despite about 200 complaints and 100 injuries nationwide, Britax, the company that makes the BOB brand strollers, resisted the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s request for a voluntary recall.

Tonight at 11, hear what the company did when Tess filed a complaint, and get details on the new problems popping up for those still using the jogging stroller.

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