Reckless driver hits 2 students after speeding past school bus; Willowick Police tow car that may be involved with incident

Police looking for driver of car that hit two students in Willowick

WILLOWICK, OH (WOIO) - Two boys were struck by a car as they got off their school bus in Willowick at Barjode Road and 300th Street on Monday around 3 p.m.

Witnesses say a woman driving a red car with temporary tags was to blame, and police reported Monday night that a car matching that description was towed by officers from an undisclosed location.

Christine Raymond’s son, Scotty, was one of the boys that was hit.

“I heard it, then I heard my son banging on the door screaming that he got hit by a car,” said Raymond. Scotty had blood coming down his arm, and was bleeding from his head.

Both boys were taken to the hospital and have minor injuries.

Richard Hinkel lives at the corner where the kids get dropped off. “We have speeders come through here everyday,” said Hinkel. "About 100 miles an hour, took out the house next door.”

He actually lived in the house next door, until a drunken driver hit the residence and pushed it off its foundation.

Hinkel bought the house next to him when it came up for sale. But every day, speeders continue to come through.

“It’s just the traffic and the way people drive around here and the city of Willowick doesn’t care,” said Hinkel.

The mayor or Willowick, Richard Regovich, said there have been speeders, but believes this is the first time a child has been hit.

“We can’t put speed bumps because we won’t be able to get the snow plows through during the winter,” said Regovich. "The problem with Barjode, it’s a cut-through.”

Raymond has lived in her home for more than 20 years. She won’t let the kids play in the front yard because of the traffic.

“I hope they find her because we heard a crash inside our houses we didn’t think it was our kids being hit.”

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