Loud mystery ‘booms’ shake Lorain County for the 2nd time in a month

Police and fire trying to pinpoint the location of the noise with the help of neighbors.

Loud mystery ‘booms’ shake Lorain County for the 2nd time in a month

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -It happened again and no one knows what caused two loud booms in Lorain County around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

The last time this happened was April 17, around the same time of night and officials were never able to find the source.

Several people heard and felt last night’s booms on the South side of Elyria and the North side of Carlisle Township.

Even the mother of the Carlisle Township fire chief heard it and called.

“She heard two booms, close together and asked if I knew what it was,” Chief Steve Higgins said. “Nobody knows.”

Fire crews from Carlisle Township and Lorain County Deputies rushed to the area of East River Road but found nothing.

Fire crews went back to the area Wednesday morning to look for any explosion damage and talked to neighbors.

“By talking to them one will say it sounded like it was east of us, or west of us,” Higgins said.

Capt. Daniel Ashdown with the Lorain County Sheriff’s office said they took calls and sent deputies to the area of Indian Hollow Road and Southwood Drive and found nothing.

The Lorain County Bomb Squad was not out training Tuesday night, but it will be on Friday from 2-4 p.m..

“It will probably take us a week or two to pinpoint where it’s coming from,” Ashdown said.

His guess is that it might be someone mixing and shooting at Tannerite.

Tannerite is a kit of chemicals that are explosive when combined and shot at. Legally, you can’t set off Tannerite but you can buy the products to create it. The charge is a felony.

“It’s the only thing that makes sense to me,” Ashdown concluded.

It’s a popular activity for gun enthusiasts.

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