Secret Service plays out real-life emergency scenarios to help law enforcement prep for upcoming election cycles

More than 100 local officers join in.

Training to begin for law enforcement

KIRTLAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland got rave reviews for the way the Republican National Convention was handled in 2016.

In large measure things went off without a hitch. But with a new election cycle approaching there will be more politicians visiting. No massive gathering like the convention but still high profile events that need advance planning.

That is what a Secret Service exercise at Lakeland Community College was all about on Thursday.

Law enforcement from all over the area were trained to react to various scenarios, just in case.

“I’ll be riding a bicycle. I’ll be a VIP for a minute. I’ll be another protester. I’ll be an unknown rolling through he tree line. Doing a little bit of everything.” said Mitchell Ross, an LCC student who participated.

The exact scenarios rehearsed were kept quiet so as to not reveal the counter measures that will be taken.

Clearly the arrivals of dignitaries in all forms of transportation were rehearsed.

“I remember during the convention a police officer came over to me and said this is kind of boring. That’s great. I think we were so well prepared and it’s gonna help us this campaign cycle because it was such a large event to prepare security for.” said Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Johnathan Schuck.

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