Akron motorcycle officer speaks for first time since being struck by suspected drunken driver

She tested at one and a half times the legal limit for alcohol.

Akron motorcycle officer speaks for first time since being struck by suspected drunken driver

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - It was a serious accident, and an Akron police officer talked about it less than a week after a suspected drunken driver pulled out in front of his police motorcycle.

“You make a choice to drink? OK. Then you need to know you can’t be out and about,” was Officer Jason McKeel’s take on the crash.

McKeel’s message was one we hear all the time.

Blood alcohol tests showed that Corrie Sharpe was driving at one-and-a-half times the legal limit.

The pictures are frightening. On top of the damage to the motorcycle, McKeel was thrown under Steel’s car and pinned there.

He has a rod in one leg bone, the other was broken, fractured vertebrae and three cracked ribs. He has little memory of the actual crash.

“Knowing that I laid the bike down, that concerned me and that’s why I wish I remembered more because if I laid it down, I knew I was going to hit the vehicle and I didn’t have room to stop it and that’s the last thing I do remember; the bike going down,” McKeel said.

Officer McKeel had a simple message for drivers: Don’t drink and drive, and after you stop at a stop sign, look both ways then look again. Also, be aware that a single headlight approaching likely is a motorcycle.

“Nowadays, there’s Uber, Lyft, pick up the phone and call somebody,” was Dawn McKeel’s observation on the crash.

She got the knock on the door that all police spouse’s fear.

She learned quickly that her husband would be OK.

One of the main jobs of the motorcycle traffic unit is DUI enforcement.

“It’s kind of ironic that I was trying to stop a speeder and I hit a drunk driver,” said McKeel, vowing to return to the motorcycle unit, his wife supports his decision.

The couple are the parents of four children

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