Northeast Ohio weather: Cool in the short term, warm stretch coming

Northeast Ohio weather: Cool in the short term, warm stretch coming

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A cold front moved over the area this morning. High pressure will build in tonight through tomorrow night. Low pressure will move into the northern Plains on Wednesday, dragging a warm front north through our area. Another weak front will move into the region by the end of the week.

Short Term Forecast:

Good afternoon! I hope that this Monday is treating you well. I know it hasn’t been as warm as the weekend, but don’t worry. We’ll be warming back up by Wednesday. (It looks like things will stay warm for quite some time.)

In the meantime, expect mostly cloudy skies this evening. There may be a little clearing before dawn tomorrow, but we’ll need to watch that closely.

Remember that cold front that moved through this morning? The cooler air took some time, but it will be moving in over the next several hours. We’ll be in the upper 50s by 7:00 PM, if not a bit sooner than that.

Tomorrow will be another cool, but quiet, day. We’ll be in the 40s tomorrow morning. Brr! High temperatures will only top out in the low 60s tomorrow afternoon.

A Warm Stretch Is Coming:

If you’re anything like me and you are just longing for a nice stretch of warm weather, this is our week.

Wednesday’s high: 81°

Thursday’s high: 85°

Friday’s high: 82°

Unfortunately, we’ll have to add some storm chances in there. We’ve got scattered storms in the forecast Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.

At this time, Friday looks dry.

Holiday Weekend Forecast:

We’ve almost made it to Memorial Day weekend! Is this year flying by for anyone else?

Models indicate that the warm weather will hang around for the holiday weekend.

Saturday’s high: 83°

Sunday’s high: 80°

Monday’s high: 82°

With a front in the area, we’ll have to monitor storm chances. It certainly won’t rain all weekend, but we are forecasting at least a few scattered thunderstorms Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

If you’ll be spending time outside, enjoying the warm weather, be sure to listen for thunder. If you hear thunder, go inside immediately. If you can hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning.

This would also be the perfect weekend to consider downloading our free Cleveland 19 First Alert weather app. Not only do we provide you with instant severe weather warnings, our app will also alert you if heavy precipitation is nearby.

There are not many weather apps out there that offer free lightning data. The free Cleveland 19 First Alert weather app will send you an alert if lightning has been detected in your area.

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