Montville police: Woman dies from gunshot wound to the head after shocking Medina County standoff

Latest details swirl around nightmarish Montville standoff

MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WOIO) - Police in Medina County provided new details to a sexual assault attempt and SWAT standoff that turned deadly early Sunday morning.

The investigation started just after midnight Sunday morning when an unclothed 17-year-old girl approached an employee in a McDonald’s parking lot on Wooster Pike.

The teen girl told the employee that a man, identified as Shawn Guillereault, shot 44-year-old Rachel Azbell and then attempted to sexually assault the teenager before she was able to escape from a Stockbridge Drive home.

Montville Police announced Azbell died from her injuries on Monday afternoon.

Location of home and McDonald's
Location of home and McDonald's (Source: Montville police)

Police stand-off

Officers responded to the home at approximately 1 a.m. based off of the girl’s claims.

At around the same time, Guillereault called 911 to report that he shot his girlfriend, later identified as Azbell, in the head. Police were also informed that there were two more juveniles inside the home.

“It was a disagreement. It got out of control,” Guillereault told the dispatcher when asked why he shot Azbell.

Dashcam video of officers arriving to Montville Township home

The first officers on the scene approached Guillereault in the garage, where he was actually applying pressure to Azbell’s gunshot wound. He refused to leave her side and asked police to shoot him.

Guillereault eventually retreated into the home and triggered a three-hour standoff with police and SWAT officers.

Azbell was recovered by officers from the garage and flown to an area hospital via medevac helicopter.

According to officials, the SWAT team and officers eventually made their way inside the home. They found Guillereault dead in the basement with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Timeline of events
Timeline of events (Source: Montville police)

Investigators found ammunition in Guillereault’s pockets and multiple firearms in the home, including three shotguns.

The two children who were inside the home at the time of the shooting, ages 12 and 15, were later removed from the home uninjured.

One of the children told investigators that she believed Guillereault was intoxicated.

Investigators learned that there was a domestic violence incident between Guillereault and Azbell that occurred in December of 2018, but it was never reported to police.

Police said Guillereault was honorably discharged from the Army in 2003.

Editor’s note: 19 News does not name victims of sexual assault. In some instances it is hard to conceal and protect someone’s identity when others are named in the story. 19 News also removed the live stream of the press conference by police from all of its digital platforms because of the graphic nature of the content and to further attempt to protect the identity of the victim of attempted sexual assault.

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