Emotional reunion: Thousands of miles and 37 years couldn’t keep this Cleveland mother from her daughter (part 2)

Thousands of miles and 37 years couldn’t keep this Cleveland mother from her daughter (part 2)

PURVIS CITY, Miss. (WOIO) - The meeting between Sandra Osorio and her daughter Jessica Douglas came sooner than expected. Douglas was taken from Puerto Rico as a baby, after Osorio left her with a friend as she settled in the states.

Osorio spent 37 years looking for her daughter, and thanks to Ancestry.com, Douglas found the mother she never knew she had.

Osorio and her family headed to Mississippi where Douglas lives, outside the Purvis City limits. 19 News met with Douglas before the big reunion.

Back in January, Douglas started to search for who she believed was her mother.

Carmen Pimentel is the woman Douglas called mom for five years.

“I don’t know how I remembered the name Osorio, but I did and that’s where I started my search with Osorio-Pimentel,” Douglas said.

Right away she found a match with Osorio’s aunt.

After a 14-hour drive from Cleveland, Osorio arrived at her daughter’s home who she hasn’t seen since she was 7 months old.

Osorio jumped from the minivan with tears running down her face. “Can I give my baby a hug, please,” said Osorio. Douglas received her with open arms and tried to console the mother she just met.

The connection between the two women was instant, something Douglas did not expect, “I heard that phrase a long time ago, that your blood calls you. Blood is thicker than water. but I didn’t feel it until yesterday when I gave her that hug. I was like, ‘Wow, this is something special.’”

Douglas said her adopted parents Mercedes and Alfredo Flores were good people and she loves them.

Since the reunion, the two have held hands and keep looking at each other in disbelief. Douglas said she wasn’t looking for Osorio but is glad she found her.

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