Family speaks out after ongoing bullying at Cleveland Heights High School

Family speaks out after ongoing bullying at Cleveland Heights High School

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Standing across the street from the recently renovated and beautiful Cleveland Heights High School, the scene looks peaceful.

But, the old problem of bullying is raising its ugly head, even here.

We chose not to ID anyone in this story, so as to not identify the juvenile students.

Family speaks out after ongoing bullying in Cleveland Heights

A fight between two students at Cleveland Heights High School was caught on cellphone video. One is an alleged bully, the other told her parents she had had enough of being bumped and pushed and challenged. So, she finally fought back, leading to a three-day suspension.

The 15-year-old victim speaks first, “It’s affecting me a lot during school because I don’t like to come to school that much with her right there because I feel like she’s going to mess with me. I don’t want to go to school and I’m not going be able to learn things.”

Her mother added, “Well, it’s making her sad and frustrated because we tried to reach out to so many people for the situation to get resolved and nothing is happening.”

So, they came to 19 News.

We attempted to talk with the interim superintendent. He wouldn’t see us, but the coordinator of communications did say there is more to it. He said they can’t talk about a student because of privacy concerns.

“You got enough in,” one of the security guards says to the aggressor, whose name we are not revealing because of her juvenile status, meaning they let them fight without stopping it right away.

The victim’s father: “Everyday, for like the last month-and-a-half, this girl has been doing things to my daughter to agitate her, to fight her. She done went so far as to putting stuff on Instagram, ‘Yeah, I blew down on her. She scared. She don’t want no work.’ She’s a human being too. Don’t nobody want to keep getting assaulted by someone, by being bullied.”

“She’s very upset,” according to another parent we talked with, this same girl has been bullying her daughter since February.

“Telling her she wants to fight her and if she can’t fight her, she going to have someone else fight her. Bumping her in the hallway at school and making threats.”

Since we visited the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education on Wednesday, they pulled the girls into a mediation session for them to talk it out, instead of them fighting it out.

Reportedly, the bully displayed a careless attitude.

At least she and the district know that 19 News is watching.

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