Freed after 27 years for a crime he says he didn’t do, Charles Jackson still fighting for ultimate freedom

Fighting for Freedom, man released wants to move on with his life

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A local man, released from prison after 27 years for a crime he said he didn’t commit is trying to move forward with his life.

19 news caught up with him at the Justice Center.

“I’m good, I’m good, Glad to be home,” Charles Jackson said.

That was his response today when asked how he is doing six months after his release from prison.

Jackson said he was falsely convicted of murder.

Nobody was more happy it seems than his daughter, Ciarra, her mother was pregnant with her when Charles was sent to prison.

“I’m been waiting my whole life for this, my whole life, my whole life for this,” Ciera said in November of 2018.

Now, prosecutors are reviewing whether he actually did the crime for which he has already done time.

Since being let out, he has enjoyed life, doing things many of us might take for granted, spending time with family, including with his daughter Ciarra.

"She’s great. I was with her yesterday, riding around, enjoying the weather. She’s working and everything, doing real good.

He’s been studying to hard at Edwins Restaurant and Leadership Institute, a second chance program for ex-offenders.

“I started in January and on June 22 I’ll be graduating," Jackson said. “I’ll be a chef, looking forward to that. It’s all seeming real now, doing interviews and hopefully I’ll get a job.”

“My ultimate goal is to have a food truck. Looks like I’m on my way,” Jackson said.

Jackson, free for now, is hoping to save a life soon.

“My nephew has been on dialysis for the last couple of years and our blood types match and I’m supposed to take some tests. Hopefully, I can donate him a kidney.”

“That would be a good thing man. So, he can get off dialysis and live his life,” Jackson said.

“He’s my nephew but we’re more like brothers,” Jackson said.

Jackson is 55, his nephew is 52.

The Ohio Innocence Project is working with Jackson to gain his freedom once and for all.

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