Woman says she’ll tape herself to tree in Tremont to protest Cleveland’s plan to chop it down

Published: May. 24, 2019 at 2:53 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A Tremont woman says she’ll do whatever it takes to save a tree in front of her house.

Tammy Layton and her son planted the tree in front of their house on Clark Avenue in 2000.

The tree was meant to commemorate the year and to honor her parents, who had just died at the time. It is a special tree to her and she says, for the city to cut it down and just replace it with a new one makes no sense.

“The city is cutting down these beautiful, healthy, shade trees to pave over tree lawns and then replant the trees next year," says Layton. “It’s the most ding-a-ling idea I’ve ever heard.”

The tree is being cut down as part of the first phase of the Clark Avenue Rehabilitation Project. Crews will be resurfacing roads, repairing curbs and sidewalks and adding new landscape elements as part of that project.

Layton says she’s called Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s office, her councilman in Ward 12, Anthony Brancatelli, as well as the organization Tremont West.

She says she’s trying to get answers, but no one has returned her calls.

So, for now, Layton plans to stand guard and protect her tree.

“I’m not in any mood to give up,” says Layton.

She says she’ll stay outside, holding her tree, as long as she can.

“I have to go to sleep at night unless they want to come at midnight and chop down this tree,” says Layton.

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