Saturday is National Wine Day

Saturday is National Wine Day
Saturday, May 25 is National Wine Day!

(CNN) – It’s the day to raise your glass, whether it’s filled with red, white or rosé – if you’re over 21, of course.

That’s because Saturday is National Wine Day.

Wine has been around for thousands of years. Back in 2007, researchers discovered the remnants of a winery in what’s now Armenia that was in operation more than 6,000 years ago.

Wine has been produced in the southwest of France since the days of the Roman Empire.

About 16 million acres of land worldwide are used to grow grapes intended for wine production.

The most popular grape variety for wine? Cabernet Sauvignon, which is grown on 840,000 acres around the world.

And believe it or not, National Wine Day has its own sister holiday in February called “National Drink Wine Day.”

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