Why is Cuyahoga County stalling on a simple media request in the midst of a corruption investigation.

A personnel file request has languished for 51 days.

19 News investigates delays with personnel file requests

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Daro Mott hiring by Armond Budish is outlined in a letter written on the County Executives letterhead.

The circumstances were similar to the hiring and the rapid departure of James Hay, who stayed in Cincinnati, and never moved to Cleveland but was paid $13,000 in moving expenses.

When the expense was red flagged the Budish administration, with talent acquisition boss Douglas Dykes approval paid him $15,000.

No receipts required.

“The executive wanted results.” was the way Dykes explained it to 19 News at the time.

Now Dykes has been indicted.

Was there similar wheeling and dealing regarding Mott.

Right now we simply don’t know because of the County’s stall tactics.

A news organization has only so much patience, so tired of waiting we went to the County Administration Building and the 8th floor office of County Executive Armond Budish.

The office of Armond Budish is an inner sanctum of sorts where critics said an array of county employees shield him from criticism and answering tough questions.

19 News was told Budish was not in, nor two communications people who 19 News has made repeated requests of.

Eliza Wing on the inner circle of the Budish administration came out and told us to turn the camera off.

“I wasn’t aware of the situation OK, so I’m gonna try and take care of it. All these requests and you weren’t aware,” 19 News asked.

Wing said having a camera recording wasn’t playing fair. 19 News pointed out that waiting 7 weeks for a document request wasn’t playing fair either.

We will take here at her word to get the file.

In fairness it is the start of a holiday weekend.

We’ll check back next week.

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