Vicious storm downs trees, limbs and wires in Akron

Akron’s Firestone Park area pummeled.

Vicious storm downs trees, limbs and wires in Akron

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - East Wilbeth in the Firestone park area seems the epicenter of a storm that hit quickly with high winds Saturday night.

At several intersections, you find downed limbs and trees in all four directions.

It will be a busy few days for crews in the city of Akron.

Vicious storm downs trees, limbs and wires in Akron

There are lots of limbs down, but when a whole tree comes down, as this one did onto Elaina Wolhwend’s home, it is a call for the heavy equipment.

“I was sittin right there in that window. Wow, what did you see? A tree comin down,” Wolhwend told 19 News.

She didn’t see much after that as she headed straight for the basement.

There is gutter damage, but the brick structure held up well.

She has only owned the home for a month but has a positive attitude, saying at least she won’t have to mow around the tree any more.

“We were sittin right here when the storm hit. Actually it was too late for us to go in the house so we stayed right here.” said next door neighbor Paris Campbell, who had a birds eye view of the fast moving storm.

He described strong winds, rain and large hail.

On East Wilbeth, police tape marks off the spot where a tree went down, taking wires with it.

Across the street, a utility pole is hanging on.

On streets off East Wilbeth tree lawn after tree lawn after tree lawn is piled with debris.

The teetering pole isn’t alone.

Power crews were busy on yet another closed street securing wires and getting ready to replace a downed pole with a new one.

A full clean up and restoration of damaged utility lines will likely take several days.

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