City of Green to outfit hotels with emergency Narcan kits

City of Green to outfit hotels with emergency Narcan kits

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - A city in Summit County will be installing kits to combat opioid overdoses inside several area hotels; a first-in-the-state initiative.

The Narcan kits provide similar life-saving measures as AED and first aid kits, except for individuals who overdose on opioids.

“The City of Green has a much lower overdose rate than the county average, but we are not immune to the impacts of addiction, most notably in our I-77 transportation corridor,” said Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer.

The kits will be installed behind the front desk at the hotels so that staff can easily access them if a guest of visitor displays signs of an overdose.

According to statistics compiled by the Green Fire Division, up to 25% of the times Narcan was used between 2014 to 2019 was located at hotels or other businesses near I-77.

“Most of our local hotels have embraced the addition of this life-saving kit,” said fire medic and member of the Green Outreach Team, Jeremy Chambers. “Unfortunately, our hotels and public places along the I-77 corridor are areas that we have a higher rate of drug activity and overdoses. Giving hotel staff NARCAN kits can help save a life, just like AEDS help heart attack victims, prior to EMS arriving.”

The program is supported by the Green Drug Task Force and sponsored for by the Summit County Health Department.

“Our Drug Task Force is dedicated to helping families through education and prevention and our Fire Division is helping through outreach programs such as our Quick Response Team and building this Community of First Responders," added Mayor Neugebauer. "It’s making a difference.”

Each Narcan kit costs approximately $250.

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