CDC warns swimmers about potential for pool chemical injuries

The CDC is warning swimmers about pool chemical injuries in a newly released report.

CDC warns swimmers about potential for pool chemical injuries

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - In a newly released report, the CDC is warning swimmers about the dangers of pool chemicals.

In a study, the organization found 13,508 people were treated in emergency rooms across the U.S. from 2015-2017 for pool chemical injuries.

Pool chemicals are added to water to prevent diseases and increase water clarity, but if used incorrectly, they can cause serious chemical burns.

According to the CDC, most pool chemical injuries happen to kids and teens.

A majority of the injuries reported were for poisoning, followed by dermatitis, and chemical burns.

More than half of the cases happened at a home.

In Ohio, there are state laws for making sure public pools are safe.

Owners are required to test the ph daily before swimmers get into the pool and then every four hours when the pool is in use. Things like spray nozzles and other special features also have to be tested.

If you go to a public pool, ask if they’ve tested the pH levels for the day and watch to see if they continue to test throughout the day.

You can also ask to see if they are following CDC protocols, called the Model Aquatics Health Code, which are recommendations.

The CDC is also warning about disease outbreaks that happen in pools.

Most of them, like Legionella, happen in hotel swimming pools and water playgrounds.

The CDC recommends not taking your kids to the pool if they are sick and making sure they don’t swallow water.

The Ohio Department of Health recommends if kids have diarrhea, they don’t swim for at least two weeks.

If an injury occurs at an Ohio pool, owners and operators are required to fill out this form.

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