Freddie optimistic of landing McCoy

Free agent defensive lineman visits Panthers next

Freddie optimistic of landing McCoy

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Gerald McCoy made the Browns his first official visit once the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut him loose, and while Freddie Kitchens won’t read into that, the head coach does believe the door is still open for the 6-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle to sign with the Browns.

“I do", Kitchens said on Thursday.

McCoy, who followed up his Cleveland trip with a visit to Baltimore to meet with the Ravens, will next meet with the Panthers down in Carolina.

Kitchens is fine with that. He believes the Browns made their case, and now it’s up to McCoy to decide if he fits into the long-term plan here.

“We want Gerald to go out and look at other places because when he makes the commitment here, we want him to be all in”, Kitchens said. "Everybody that is going to be here is going to be all in, and that is what we need to get to where we are going. We are fine with him taking a look at everybody else. We do not care because we have told him who we were. If that is who he wants, he will end up here. He knows the direction we are headed.”

Kitchens added that even at the age of 31, McCoy would bring leadership and top-level talent to an already-stacked defensive line.

“He knows he is going to be playing. I know the more good football players you have, the better you are, the better rotation is and the better you can get after a quarterback in a two-minute drive. There is a staggering stat or something like 78 percent of two-minute drives, if you have a sack or give up a sack anywhere along that way, your chances of scoring goes under 20 percent. He knows we will want to put pressure on the quarterback. He knows that is what we are going to be about. Hopefully, he wants to be a part of it.”

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