Cleveland getting closer to passing lead-safe legislation

Council would like to have its emergency ordinance passed by September.

City of Cleveland getting closer to passing lead-safe legislation

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland City Council introduced legislation Monday aimed at better protecting children and others from lead.

For years there’s been talk about the health concern in relation to the city’s rental inventory- from both apartments and homes.

An emergency ordinance if passed would require all residential rental properties, built before Jan. 1, 1978, to have a lead-safe certification.

There would be criminal penalties for not complying.

Rental registration fees would go from $30 to $70 per unit (capped at $30,000) to be put into the general fund to support lead-safe initiatives.

A board would be setup to oversee and recommend improvements to the certification process.

A Lead Testing and Screening Commission would connect families to needed services.

Big funding questions remain including how to secure enough money to assist landlords and property owners with necessary remediation work.

Leaders said there are plans in place to seek both state and federal dollars.

Other issues center around making sure there’s enough certified workers to carry out lead assessments on tens-of-thousands of rental units in the city.

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