4 smash-and-grabs in 1 month at Cleveland home have forced owner to relocate; suspected serial burglar caught on camera (photo)

4 break-ins in 1 month at Cleveland home have forced owner to relocate

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - There was nothing savvy about the break-in, a bold thief bashing in a living room window and acting like he owned the place.

He doesn’t, but since this wasn’t his first visit, he now has most of the property in the home.

Parts of the home look like it is under construction. It’s not, it’s under destruction. Appliances were ripped out during one burglary. During another what appears to be the same thief scrounging for whatever was left.

“They took all my appliances, except my fridge. I had upstairs laundry, they took it all.” said Chad Huey, the homeowner. His video from a floor level camera in the garage shows a thief pull another camera from above. Not done, he comes to the floor level camera and unwittingly reveals his face.

For his own safety Huey hasn’t stayed at the home since all this began. A new security system basically monitors every move that’s made in the house.

“They’ve literally been trashing it, and I don’t want to stay here because I don’t want another altercation to happen or anything along those lines. And they just keep coming through.” Huey said in frustration.

The homes on East 111th Street are about a dozen years old and well kept, with exceptions of where door jams have been jimmied.

Huey feels trapped. He says thieves are in and out faster than police can respond.

“This is a situation that other people can move away from, but all my other neighbors have been robbed.”

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