91 year-old Cleveland man left for dead in his front yard after hit-and-run

91 year-old Cleveland man left for dead in his front yard

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A Cleveland neighborhood is outraged after someone hit their beloved 91-year-old friend, and left him to die.

Police said it happened around 3 p.m. Monday. Witnesses said a 2004 silver Pontiac Grand Prix was speeding down East 144th Street when it clipped a tree, hit Thomas Price, and then struck his home.

The car finally came to a stop in Price’s front yard. Witnesses told police a man was driving. He and his female passenger took off. Long-time neighbors like Michelle Williams say Price was doing what he enjoys in the summer months when the crash happened.

“He does his own bushes cause he doesn’t like nobody shaping them, but himself,” said Williams.

In fact, Williams spoke with him moments before it happened. “I said, ‘See you later, Mr. Price,’ and when we got back the police were here.”

Other neighbors, including Mario Salti, owner of One Stop Market, heard the loud crash. Salti said, “Like a big bang and we just saw everyone running. He was laying down in the bushes, knocked in the bushes.”

Salti says he called 911 and an ambulance was there fast. “I hope he gets better and goes home,” said Salti.

She said he’s lived there for several decades. “He could tell you stories about the hood you didn’t even know existed. He’s our Mr. Price from one end to the other.”

Williams has a message for the driver and the passenger. “Whoever you are, you need to turn yourself in."

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